Live session won't open - Group Tracking Corrupt

I have done a few live sessions (of the same track) but now the last three won’t open, the error message says the group tracking is corrupt.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Seems a few people on the ableton forums have had a similar problem. One mentioned about sending his sets to ableton support and they sent them back fixed.

I’ve done that, although I’ve noticed something odd.

When I go to the folder where all the drum racks etc are saved. Instead of all being .adg about half have now just changed into normal file folders and won’t open in live. How do I change the file folders back into .adg? I’ve tried renaming them but that just changes the folder name, not the type of folder. I’ve no idea how it’s happened…

I used the one of them as percussion in the session that won’t open so think this could be the problem.

Do you have any ideas on how to fix this?

If I uninstall and re-install will I lose all of my instrument racks?

Also, would I be able to access my other sessions and plug ins?

I would consider doing a a hard drive test… could be bad sectors corrupting data… which can also be a precursor to a dying drive.

Id defo recommend backing up any important stuff.

Ok cheers Phil.

I’ve backed everything up on a separate hard drive. I’m gonna try a hard drive test re-install Ableton and see what happens…

I opened an mp3 last night and media player acted as though it had never been opened, can’t be a good sign!

Hi Phil,

i am new to iMacs, got this one for xmas, but all of a sudden ableton is taking 10 to 15 mins to load up, last week it happened instantly almost? have you come across this before? know a quick fix?



Have you installed any plugins recently that might take a while to load or some thing?

Also things can slow Down if you are low on RAM as it will start using virtual memory.

Load activity monitor and see if you notice anything strange happening.