Load Wav Samples?

Not sure if this is in the right place… total newbie with synths and ana… I thought I read you could load a wav file as a sample into Ana but can’t figure out how to do this… does it load one sample and figure out the different notes from the one sample or does it expect sample packs. Any info you can provide is greatly appreciated. (I searched the manual but must be looking for the wrong thing or maybe I’m wrong and you can’t do this)

Hi there @Kendomixes

You have 3 sampler oscillators inside ANA 2, OSC 4, 5 and 6 on the right hand side of the plugin GUI.

You can load your own audio samples into each one of these 3 Osc. At the moment, it’s only possible to load 1 sample per Osc, but layering the 3 Osc. gives you the option to layer 3 different audio files and then you can take advantage of the options and settings per oscillator to blend them together ( loop, start and end end point, retrig, vol, filter…etc. ).

You have 2 different ways to load audio samples into sampler Osc.

1 - You can just Drag & Drop the audio file onto the desired Osc.

A new window will popup asking you if you want to save this sample or cancel, the default folder is “imported” and we suggest to keep it that way.

Once an audio sample has been imported and saved, you’ll be able to access this folder and load this sample again to create new presets. Of course if you save your entire ANA 2 preset ( using the main top menu “Save as” feature, ANA 2 will recall this sample next time you load this preset.

2 - The 2nd option is to use the down arrow and then select the “Import Sample” option.

In this case, it will open a file browser window and let you browse to your sample location on your computer.

The sample can be used as a one shot playing only once, or you can have it playing in loop as well. You can select the start and end point and play around with the Sampler Osc. settings, there’s no automatic notes detection taking place.

Multi sampling capabilities and being able to create instruments out of several audio samples ( i.e : like what you can do inside Logic Sampler ) is something in progress for future ANA 2 releases.

Hope this helps answering your question :wink:

Cheers !

Thanks for the detail –