Logic 9 basic track template trance

This is a basic track template created within Logic. It makes use of Logics Instruments, eq’s and other processors. This template is better suited for beginners but feel free to check it out. The template is not an arrangement it’s more about plugin settings than an arrangement so change the midi notes around or instruments to create your own version.

Here’s the link for the template folder.

Type this link into your browsers address bar,


Unzip the folder and click on the template song inside.

Let me know if it is any use to you.

Only Logics Plugs were used.

Thats sound Mate - Fair play!


That’s a Really cool idea for beginners to get stuck into making a track with out having to stress about how everything works. its a great confidence builder

well done

Will have a butchers thanks :w00t:

Can you please convert it to a Logic Pro 8 file or maybe post some screens??

Thnx in advance! :slight_smile: