Logic Course.. Mixing & FX


I’ve used the 2 free Videos for the Logic Tutorials.

Selected the FX & Mixing section - both Videos - A&B… There looks to have been an error, or possibly the video has been duplicated to both modules.

1st Video was all about Sidechaining. 2nd Vid, I guess was supposed to be about Delays… but it was Sidechaing again. Even though both Vids come up as seperate names, they are both the same.

Really enjoyed the 1st tutorial. :cool:

Could you verify whether this is a genuine problem - or simply a User issue & therefore something I’ve done wrong? :slight_smile:

I’m running XP - IE8.

Let me know if you need any more info Guys.



try it now!

Nice one Mate… We’re firing on all cylinders now! :wink:

Thanks a lot!