Logic Help , EXS 24 vs. Simpler

I am following John’s wonderful How To Make Trance Ableton course in Logic Pro. When he samples the Nexus pads and loads them in Ableton Simpler they sound great and the chords/note changes follow cleanly.

When i try to do the same in Logic, bounce the Nexus pad and load it in EXS24 it sounds terrible. The chords don’t match and when changing chords there is a silent stutter introduced between each change.

Any logic help on loading samples in EXS24 would be greatly appreciated!

I find the synths / exs24 really clicky unless I take a good bit off the Attack (A) & lengthen the release (R). Maybe try the decay (D) too.

When I load things in, it clicks sometimes cos the region I’ve bounced has a click at the start / finish.

How I get around that is bounce in place (if you have L9), otherwise solo & bounce, or export. Bring the file back onto the arrange & hit escape - Select Fade Tool.

Put a little fade in the start, if you need to & again, one at the end if theres a click there too.

Either that, or you can bring it into Audacity. I honestly cant use the Sample Editor in Logic - Audacity is so much quicker I find.

Thanks ! The fade in definitely helped.

I also applied some reverb and between the fade in and the reverb i was able to get the chord changes to sound as smooth as John’s version.

I really enjoy using Ableton but for many reasons…including bounce in place…i prefer LP…Bounce in place is a great feature of LP9, i’m reminded every time i watch one of the instructors creating an audio track and setting the inputs to do the same…

Who is this John fella?

[quote]phil johnston (05/04/2011)[hr]Who is this John fella?[/quote]