Logic Overload

Hey, today I opened up some of my logic files and all of them have the VSTs and Plugins crossed out with a black diagonal line. My logic has been telling me my memory is low and there is a system overload. I opened all of my projects and deleted all unused audio files. This did not fix my problem. Does anybody have any ideas on how to fix this issue I am having?

If they are a black line over them it usually means that the plugin doesnt work or you dont have that plug in installed correctly

maybe a 32bit/64bit thing?

Are you running the project from your system drive?. Sometimes when you have loads of audio files (say drum patterns made from small individual audio files on the arrange page) and a ton of plugins the system hard drive struggles to cope, being quite a slow disk, causing the system overload message. Try ‘bouncing in place’ some tracks you feel could be causing the drive to over work. br