Logic pro X CPU

My CPU in logic does be crazy every time i press play! i thought it might have been all my plugins synths etc, but even when i freeze my tracks my CPU does be very high still! Could it be my laptop? its very slow starting up aswel! help! Thank you.

What other programs do you have running while Logic is playing? I shut everything down while using logic, even having a couple of internet pages open can effect it and I’m running 16gb of RAM.br
I also find it struggles if the laptop battery is getting low

What are your mac specs? Are these full projects that are getting stuck or an 8 bar loop? Sounds like it might be time for an upgrade

Is ti the CPU spiking or the HD meter spiking. Are you running everything fro, the system drive?

ya the HD bar does be crazy to! Ya i thought it was to do with a software update but i updated and its the same prob! never had this prob with logic pro 9 just with X, im running OSX 10.8.5 . 2 GHz Core i7

Do you get the "Disk to Slow’ Warning? It sounds like its the HD not being fast enough to access all the files need for the project. If you have lots of short audio files try bouncing them down to long files, see if that helps. br