Logic Pro X Debut Track Feedback

I’ve composed and produced my debut track in Logic Pro X using stock plugins. Its an hybrid of Trance, Psytrance and 90s EDM but you can decide for yourselves how you want to categorise it. Hope you enjoy it.

I had it mixed professionally and for now its on Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Its called Purple Sun and I’d love to hear your feedback both positive and/or negative

Purple Sun

or on


Hi there @Shazman

Some good work done with Logic, now the track could benefit of some adjustments IMHO :

  • Mixing wise : the main “bell(ish)” lead synth is a bit too loud & in your face, especially when playing those higher octaves. The “acidic” kind of bass-line is sounding a bit weak & dull, probably conflicting with the sub beneath which is taking most energy in this lower frequency range.

The drums are well mixed.

  • Arrangement wise : Not sure if the break & the transition through it works, I missed consistency comparing to the other parts, got lost in the progression for a while, felt like a new track was coming in.

The drums are always playing “full” ( all element Kicks, hats , rides…etc together ) during almost the all track duration except for the very beginning ( well just fade out I think ) and the very end where you took away some elements, which is good. Introducing such variations during other parts of the tracks would help to create more interest for the listener. Taking away some elements, introducing some “ear candies” percs sounds & fx like sweeps, whooshes…etc & even silence can really help to create interest & avoid the linear repeating feel.

Hey thanks for the great feedback. I was working within the limitations of Logic. The main bell(ish) synth was designed using ESP synth and the bassline as well. I do take your point about the bassline and could look to re-adjust this and take away some of the low ends as well, make it sound energetic.

The sweeps and whooshes I kept at the beginning and end and there were some swirling effects when the pads came in but I do see your point. I used this track as a master track to learn from. In the mixer I learned to set up channels, sends, buses etc. I could have easily purchased a template and Trance presets for the ES2 synth to start my journey but for now I wanted to see how I would fare if I created a whole track from literally nothing which is the case here. Its received generally good feedback but of course there’s always room for improvement. By the way do you also write and produce?

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Templates can be also good to learn but doing things yourself is the best way, like I mentioned before, some good work has been done inside Logic for this track, so it’s even better when it’s something you did from scratch, even designing your own sounds and learning about sends & buses :wink:

If you check out the Track Feedback section topic, you’ll see that all my comments are based on the positive aspect of “critical feedback”, which is the best way to try to help & pointing people at what’s wrong or what could be improved. Of course, music being a very subjective thing, it’s still my personal feedback, based on my own listening experience, and in my own room ( which has a different acoustic of course ) but genre wise I try to stay neutral and focus more on sounds, mixing & arrangement. Yes, have a Home Studio and make Music too, more a real passion & hobby than full time or professional thing and always learning & experimenting new things. I believe that the learning curve in Music Production is a never ending one anyway :smile: :sunglasses: