Logic Pro X doesn't show Kick

Hey guys, br
I’m a started, but nevertheless, I don’t know how this could be my fault, so: br
I installed Kick and installing the lincense also worked fine! br
I can see kick in the “audio-units manager” and when I check it, the system says, that it’s installed correctly. br
Now, I’d love to use it, of course, but I don’t find it when I look it up in the Plugin-Window! br
Only my other plugins are shown at the bottom where it says “audio units”…I also have the “kickstart”-demo of Nicky Romero and I can use it from there just fine. br
So why am I not able to find Kick anywhere? br
Would be very happy to hear a nice solution, thanks in advance!!

You need to select it from an instrument track.

sorry, br
I’m still not able to open it…unfortunately, I guess I don’t know what you mean exactly…br
when I start a new track, I can choose a software-instrument…I think, that’s what you mean? But still, I’m not able to choose Kick…:confused: br
Sorry, but as I said, still a starter…

Screen grab me you plugin folders when you are in a softest ex instrument. It should be located in the sonicacademy folder.

I finally found it=) Thank you very much and have a nice evening;)

hi there guys having the same problem please show me how to find this plugin???

I have the same problem with Kick in Logic Pro X. Logic does not see it among audio effects in audio units. Someone said to find it in the library of instruments but it does not exist there. I have installed it correctly says audio units manager. Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem?

Can I confirm it doesn’t show along the following path within Logic Pro X - br
Software Instrument track (Not ‘audio’ or ‘effects’ or ‘bus’) then ‘instrument’ tab, then - AU Instruments - Sonic Academy - Nicky Romero Kick

hey guys.br
i can find NR -Kick start in AU instrument.br
But i can’t find in Audio Unit on logic pro Xbr
Does Anyone know how to do for this…?br
thanks !

You are looking under the effects rather than software instrument in the channel strip