Logic Project Exchange

I know this is a real Abelton friendly forum. Just wondering if anyone would like to swap Logic projects, i find it extremely useful looking at other people’s projects, seeing what they’ve done to achieve certain effects.

Anyone interested?

hey danny, i dont have any logic projects but would be cool to swap ableton projects if anyone else is interested

Think it could be a good addition to the site.

Logic Project Exchange. Sounds like a great idea!

I didnt participate in it - so heres a cheeky suggestion that might interest the people asking:

The Tunes that were entered in the World Cup Comp might be good candidates, if anyone is willing to share.

Only prob that I forsee is that if someone is using different plugs, you are not going to be able to see various bits & pieces… like synths / compressors etc… unless you have them too.

You’d also have to be organised & consilidate your samples for the project.

But I suppose there would be no prob in running stems for it - which would defeat the purpose a little… but it will still be a bit fkd up if stuff outside the package has been used on them also… Lord - What a can of Worms.

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile:

Any Trance Heads willing to share?

Cheers :slight_smile: