Logic Question

Hey guys

I used to be a FL Studio user. People said I should use Logic and that I could do much more with it and have a better sound. I went and bought logic.

Now the problem I have is that I have alot of samples in FL Studio.

How can I put these in Logic so I can use them ? Is it possible to put it on the right side library or loop section and put it on a pattern and start sequencing ?

Because I find it a hassle to use ultrabeat…

How are things Man?

Are these “One Shot” Drum hits etc… or proper Musical Loops?

You can go & convert them all to Apple Loops… But your best bet is simply to hit “B” on your Keyboard… That opens up the Bin. Add whatever files you need & you can drag them onto the Arrange page. Just sort out the location of where you keep all your samples. Know where they are & you can find them easily.

Logic lets you put audio directly on the arrange OR - Create a sampler or synth & draw MIDI on the Screen.

Depends how you want to do it. When I used FL, I just used to Load .wav’s onto a channel & make a pattern. Thats basically what Ultrabeat will do for you.

If you want to use the Logic Sampler - EXS24, thats a little more tricky than what you are used to… and TBH, if I start describing that now, you’ll be like WTF & run a million miles! :D  Theres time for that later… But basically (and its the same with Ultrabeat…) you can map samples out along your K-board & play them as you go.

You can hit record & the midi goes in… OR you can create an Empty MIDI region on the arrange, go in & draw your notes.

But if you’ve been using FL - Ultrabeat is probably going to be the most familiar to you. Its basically an incredible Sampler / Synth. You can go in, get a 4/4 kick pattern going, for example - Then open up your library & go through your samples / audition it as you go, until you find what you need.

Logic is different from FL because you dont use “Patterns” in the same way as FL.

Ultrabeat is actually really cool for that FL way of doing things. Ultrabeat is essentially Fruity Loops. You can Drag its patterns onto the Logic Arrange… similar to the FL way of working.

1.Open Ultrabeat - You’ve got all the different channels there - just like FL. Load in whatever samples you want.

2.You can use the Tab Key to flip between the “Big Pattern Sequencer” and the individual channel view.

3. When you have a pattern that you like - Drag & Drop the pattern from UB to the Logic Arrange page. To do this, grab the “textured” window onto the Arrange page… Drop wherever you want. See pic :cool:


Let me know how you get on Man… If I can answer anything else for you I will :wink:

Hey thanks alot man!

Well I cant try it now because im at work.

I have .wav files & .midi files (the .midi files have piano roll notes)

So it is possible to put them in the bin ? Im going to try to learn ultrabeat more, But I want all my samples to be there in the same way they were seperated in FL. By groups. Like electro bassdrums, claps. House bassdrums, claps. ect ect

Work?! Whats that?! LOL  :smiley:


All you need to do is organise your sample library on your HD.

Make a folder called samples… have everything in a clear folder within that.

When you open Ultrabeat… you’ll know the location & you’re sorted.

I like to make several Ultrabeats… Perc… Bassline… Hats… Whatever. Means you can stick different FX on each / EQ & compress them all differently.

You can import MIDI files into Logic. They open automatically on another track… so you’ll need to move them around & delete the piano track that it creates.

Also… The very 1st UB channel… (thats the one on the TOP of the page) - If you put a sample in there… you can play it on your Keyboard, proper scales… Think its from C3 onwards… Think. Its pretty handy. If you want to go lower than the pitch of the sample / octave of the Kboard… Just lower the pitch of the sample down an octave or two in the UB channel.

You can also reverse the sample in UB where you see the .wav / waveform. Hit the “Play” button in that window.

Have fun!

Hey thanks alot man

check your PMs

and would you say logic is good for electro production ?

Until now I don’t find it very user friendly, im trying to learn as fast and well as I can tho :slight_smile:

check out my songs:


As you see they don’t sound mastered. The first song is currently playing on virgin radio in my city, but the guy in charge of the radio asked me to remake it, change the structure and most importantly, master it. That is the reason I bought a macbook and logic pro 9 :slight_smile:

Alright Mate… Yeah. .Checked out your MS page there & listened to your tracks. EH is not my cup of tea tbh… but I appreciate what you are doing. The last 2 tracks sound the most “complete”. Normally my playlist is a bit more techy & fkd up sounding… but You’ve got some good ideas, and great results if all you were using was FL - Fair play! :cool:

In terms of whether or not Logic is good for EH? Its 2009 - All DAW’s are pretty much the same. All you need is a synth & some drum machine samples & you are away with it. Its more the technique of using them to suit your style & developing the “sound” of the genre you are trying to emulate. Its not what you got, but what you do with it. Saying that, Logic’s FX are second to none & come as a fantastic bonus to what is the easiest music making program I have every used.

Looking at the mastering side of things - You are really taking on a lot if you are trying to learn a new program & also do mastering all by yourself. Now, I dont know if you know much about getting something to a decent mastering state… but really, you have enough on your plate it seems as it is. If you could get someone to give you a hand, then that would be ideal. You could go & sit in with them & learn.


If you want to master in Logic from FL - Your best bet is to bounce each of the stems / Drums / Bass / Lead etc… (without compression) & import them into Logic on Audio tracks. You can then add whatever compression you want & maybe stick something on the master channel. Logic comes with a lot of Channel Strip “Presets” which also include a mastering section. You’ll get something decent out of it without trying too hard or knowing much about the ins & outs of it. Realistically, I think it’ll take a while to get a handle on making a good sounding track in Logic…


Just a thought - if you’re trying to find your way round Logic there is a great set of tutorial videos on YouTube by someone who goes by the unfortunate name of ‘SF Logic Ninja’. Despite his cheddary name he does some excellent tutorials that are useful for lots of ability levels.


sflogicninja is the biz :slight_smile:

nice answers :slight_smile:

have you checked out the Music Production Using Logic course also?

its in subscriber videos. shows you the ins and outs of Logic!