Logic Samples/Loops in Trance course


I am doing the HTM Trance in Logic course, and am missing samples in Logic like ‘Ambient Hit 14’ and ‘Sweep 11’. Chris says these are stock in Logic, but I can’t find them.

I have Logic Pro 9 and have installed all the Apple Loops and Sound Effects. Any ideas?


Joe Thibodeau


looking into it… we will update the resource when we find the problem.

i too would like to know where you can get those samples. if there in logic no dice but if i can buy the sample pack then i’m all in :smiley:


the samples are in the resources downloaded from Sonic Academy. But, they weren’t in my Apple Loops library, which Agnelli said they would be. that was my confusion - I didn’t know if I’m missing stock loops or if those are really from a sample pack.


Joe Thibodeau

Yes I´m also intrested in getting those Apple Loops, not just those in the tutorial. All the ambient Hits, explosion his and so forth.

What JamPack or Logic version are they from?



Did you ever find this out? Im very curious :slight_smile: