Logic Studio Going Cheap

Hi everyone.

I’ve been toying with the idea of buying Logic Studio for a while now and have been searching the net for the cheapest price. Whilst on eBay I noticed for sale “Brand New, Sealed and Unregistered” versions for around £230 (almost half the RRP in the Apple store). There seemed to be quite a few sellers offering this bargain. I checked their feedback from previous buyers who bought Logic from them and everything seems to check out. I’m still not entirely convinced though.

Does anyone know if these are the real deal? My moto has always been that’s if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. However i’d be lying if I said I wasn’t tempted.

Any help would be great,


Hey John,

I was thinking of doing the same thing there a few years ago… they were selling L8Studio at the time for about 190 euros postage was around 40!) but I ended up getting it 2nd hand locally.

At the time, some Guys on another forum that I use, were talking about it & some had already bought copies from Ebay, while several bought it on the recommendations of these positive experiences. All legit copies. BNIB. Unregistered. No problems. 

I think that you can usually tell if its ok or not. Look at the people who bought it. Hopfully the majority will have over double digit “buys” and are located all over the world kinda thing. Also, its cool to go into these profiles & see what they are buying. If you see loads of random audio gear etc… you know its as genuine as you are gonna get. 

You’ve obviously done this, but checking any negative or neutral comments is a good indicator. Sometimes its worth reading through all the comments anyway as you can get some Neanderthals that give positive ratings, even though they had a bad experience.

Post a link Mate. Maybe someone might spot something. Wouldnt hurt to have another few sets of eyes on it :smiley:

Thanks for the post. I’ve pasted the link below of the one i’m considering buying. I checked their history and they’ve sold 19 copies of Logic with positive feedback. Let me know what ya’s think anyway.


I’d say its all good.

See someone bought an Iphone for 850 from him - so must be alright. He’s left individual comments on 10 feedbacks that I looked at… and they seemed personal. Also saw one where a Guy had picked one up locally from him.

I bought Snow Leopard from someone on Ebay - dirt cheap / original / no probs.

If I wanted L9 now - I’d definitely buy this myself.

Hope its ok, cos you never truly know Mate - but it does look aok to me from here.

It happens. Think last xmas or maybe the one before, there was someone selling about 200 copies, for £179 - so it does happen. Everyone was positive about it.

Free P&P too! Nice one :smiley:

Excellent! Thanks for the second opinion. I think i’ll take the plunge and hopefully all will be good.


I bought logic 9 off ebay for around that price.  All works fine came boxed with licence i will have a look see what member i got it from. 

Just wondering if you could look at the guys feedback then click on one of the persons that purchased a copy then email them and ask them about there purchase

You should be alright.

Chances are. These people have blagged student prices from Apple somehow. Either they are skint students that are buying it at the going rate and making about £60-90 profit when selling for £200 ish. Or people pretending to be students and ringing the apple he store. I’ve never done it for profit. I did buy Logic at uni though.

You should be okay. It might be heavily discounted but as far as I’m aware they are full licenses. Apple used to have separate licenses for academic and commercial. But it seems now that they just have one retail package for the lot or a volume license for use in computer rooms etc.

I was worried about upgrading to L9. But I checked with them…and this is what they told me. Basically only the pricing was academic. It was a full license that would upgrade with no issues.