Logic Tutorials?

hi is there any good house (defected, Cecille) or techno (cadenza,cocoon) tutorials going on here for logic 9???

would be a great help as im finding it hard to keep translating from abelton tutorials.


Thought I would give my first post a try.

translating from Ableton to Logic is relatively easy (once you know how I guess).

You’ve got to remember that the main difference between the two in terms of the tutorials is the drum rack from Ableton. If you don’t have plugin’s like sylenth etc use what you already have. i.e logics own esp and ese etc. For simpler use esx24 with its add new instrument button.

drum rack, use ultrabeat or again the esx24 to load up your samples that are provided.

Granted there are going to be certain area’s which aren’t going to be able to translate but remember they are essentially the same.

The tools are there but the learning curve for logic is steeper, but well worth it.

thanx for the reply, i understand the loading samples side of it i use the ultrabeat which is straight forward and even the chords are easy to replicate but when the tutorials move on to lead and bass sounds using programs that arent on logic for instance they use someting called minimod is it?? just not sure what are alternatives for logic and would be easier if SA put a few logic tutorials on aswell instead of just the two thatve been on here for a while.

do you mean the minimoog per chance?

If so generally you can either download a demo from either:



or use the Es2 built into logic and start with trying to emulate what the tutorial says. i.e

if it says mix a traingle with a saw and bring the tuning down on the minimoog, do the same with the ES2, it will give a different sound naturally but play with the other settings and it will give you good practice in both sound and ear listening.

Which tutorials are you having problems with btw?


firstly yes it was the minimoog and i have kinda understand what you mean about using the es2 as a subsitute i have downloaded a blank es2 pre set where i can mix the osc on the triangle thing.

on the abe tutorials i believe the impulse is like an ultrabeat is it?

the tutorials i was stuck with was the how to sound like swedish house one

it was the lead sounds and a ploppy thing which i couldnt find a subsitute for?

hope you can help

cheers m8

Impulse or drum rack is the same as using ultrabeat, generally if you have samples of percussion just drop them in to the araangement window on individal tracks, apply the effects etc, then bounce out and put in place, that way your tracks won’t weigh heavy on your cpu with lots of effects on the channel.

with the ploppy sound you could use the evp88 and try to find a setting that resembles the sound or maybe the default one , If its too low just transpose it up. I would then add a filter just to cut off the bite to the sound and to give it that roundness.

Or another way you could use the es2 again as the inital sound is quite a pure sound so a sine or triangle on osc 1 mixed with a triangle and play around with the settings to the left. Once you got the pure sound add some cut off.

The lead download the minimoog demo and have a play, without going into detail you could probably do it with logics own mixture of the es2 then the ese after bouncing it out a couple of times it to achieve the dirty run off at the end.

the heldsynth could be done again with the es2 and I think there’s a preset in the synth chords/pads that will do it.

Its alot of es2 but I think its an underated synth.