Logic Tutorials

It’s great that there are a couple tutorials already for Logic but I would be good to see many more. I am quite new to music production and it’s Logic that I own. It’s hard to come by great tutorials unless you produce Dubstep or DnB and I have no interest in doing either. Would be really cool to see a house tutorial for Logic.

Just a thought.


hi djliamtate,

I totally agree, I’d like to see more Logic in action. Like creating a house track some in depth stuff of the exs24.


totally agree, I only have ableton live lite, and the limitations of that program really suck, but i have the full version of logic, would be nice to see more logic stuff, although we can just merge what we learn into logic , it could be helpful into more the plug ins of logic, maybe the matrix of the exs and the es2, since i am still kind of confused by the matrix and what it all does in most synths haha!

+1 for this, I use both but for my main productions it’s Logic all the way baby, melodic progressive house in the style of Proff/Jaytech/Audionova/Electrobios please!!! :smiley:


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[quote]IC_NO_ONE (28/10/2010)[hr]Wooooooooowwowowoowoooooooooo! Woooooooooooooooo!![/quote]

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