Looking at the Saffire Pro 24...is it any good?

Hi All,

I am looking into getting a new audio interface and one I’m quite interested in is Focusrite’s Saffire Pro 24.

Just wondering if any of you guys have a pro 24 or maybe the pro 24 dsp, and what are your thoughts on it?

Also I’d be happy to hear any other audio interface recommendations…I have about £300 to spend and only really need inputs for a mic and a hardware synth (though not necessarily at the same time).


I have a pro 24, and I think its pretty dam good. Never had any problems with it. Although I would say I probably do not use it to its full potential. So I think it really depends on what you’re needs are. But I will say the preamps are excellent for its price range.


I have one… use it for all the tuts and recording… preamps are top notch.

Defo go for it

thats made my mind up on getting the pro24 then, i had read loads about them and nothing bad but still was in two minds.

Awesome, thanks. Going to get one now :wink:

I own the Saffire PRO 24 and it’s a top quality firewire card.

I was in 2 minds about the Saffire PRO 24 and the M-Audio ProFire 610.

Reasons for getting the Saffire PRO 24:

  • It was cheaper
  • It has ADAT input (which the ProFire does not)
  • It has 2 legendary focusrite pre-amps

    Also, the bundled software (Live Lite 8, Bass-Station and a sample pack from LoopMasters) was also a pretty sweet deal.

yeah i got the pro 24 dsp… it works great.