Looking for Moog Vst's

hey guys im still pretty new to ableton so signed up loving the tutorials especially the synthpunk tutorial after using the sylenth vst, im looking for some moog vsts anybody know any good downloads?

The top two out there by all the review sites is Minimonsta (G-Force Media) and minimoog-V (Arturia). Moog has given their stamp of approval on the minimoog-V, however many think that Minimonsta sounds warmer. Many like the Minimonsta more as well because there are more modulation capabilities. It has been described as a miniMoog on steroids!

Personally, Minimonsta for me. Plus (I believe) its cheaper.

i have the minimogue which you can download for free off kvr, not great buts its free!!!


minimogue sim and taurus presets are superb:)

I have both the Minimoog and the Minimonsta and they are great options. The Minimoog is a really tight replication and as said by other posters the Minimonsta takes it to the next level with tweakability (is that even a real word).

Another option though if you have Native Instruments Reaktor, is a user created instrument called the Phat Cat. Chris Lake used it in a tutorial he did for CM on an old track of his called “To The Point”.

Agree with all the above. All good choices. Apparently Minimonsta has a photo-negative wave form of the moog and is slightly truer to the original than Arturia’s minimoog (being anal here). I’d probably go for spectrasonics Trillian now if i had the cash spare as it looks like a killer all-rounder. It’s got a massive library though and is more a rompler than a synth.

I recently bought Rob Papen’s Subboombass and it has some dirty moog presets but will also kick the *** into any bass u need. Check papen’s site 4 some cone shaking examples(www.robpapen.com).

There’s a futuremusic “in the studio” vid with James Reynolds (Tech House producer/ mastering engineer) in which he laments that it’s replaced his newly bought Moog Little Phatty analog synth! Teddy Riley (Michael Jackson producer) loves it too.

Give the demo a try.