Looking for "Omnia" strings

Hi to all. Where I can find string like this?
Start at 2:06

Hey @TuMko

Moved your topic to the Music Tech Discussion category since it doesn’t seem to be a full track tutorial request :wink:

It sounds more like a synth than pure strings to me, so it could have be done with many things IMO, the Korg M1 Plugin has got some nice presets, the Roland Cloud System 8 too. Now for more strings focused sounds, NI has got sampled strings libraries playable with Kontakt, Arturia has got the Solina softsynth and Xils Labs has got the great PolyM softsynth.

But again so many options, if you own ANA 2, the synth is very capable for those sounds too and the presets pack Vol 7 - Synthwave has got some nice strings presets replicating the Jupiter & Juno synth strings sounds.

You could also check this topic on S.A FB Music Production Discussion Group and ask a “How To Make” that specific sound Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

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