Looking for Ruthless Feedback


I just finished a new proggy / techy track and I’m looking for some feedback on it, figured I’d put my subscription to work!

Worked on it for about 10 hours today and I have absolutely no clue if its decent or **** at this point.

Heres a few things I’m thinking need work

  • first breakdown might need a bit more (24 bars instead of 16? not sure yet)
  • Bit more coming out of first break
  • Vocal could maybe use a bit more verb I’m thinking
  • After the second break the square synth thing could be better…

    Also the master was kinda quick and dirty… might be a little too crunchy on the highs but I won’t do that myself anyways…

Feedback from anyone other than Phil always welcome... Rip it apart if need be!

Alright, put it up on SoundCloud instead for easier access.

my only suggestion would be at around 2.01 mark, bring the verse right in. keep the energy up right there, instead of dropping everything up and rising again.

There is very little wrong with this track… production sounds great nice and atmospheric. me a touch more of a top kick just to give it a tiny bit more bite.

These are the hardest types of tracks to review… from a technical perspective everything is spot on. If I put myself in the roll of a label manager then These are the thoughts i would have:

“Where does it fit in with the current popular offerings? what type of DJs are you aiming this at?

The main riff sounds too floaty and takes it away from being a more peak time track. It sounds like its too floaty for peak time but not deep enough for a deep house track.”

Personally i really like the track and defo think you could get it signed but probably not to a massive label. A lot of the current crop of tracks mix dark with light in extreme ways. beautiful breakdowns with killer pumping driving sections.

Ill be covering a lot of these concepts in the dutch house tut.

Thanks for the great feedback guys. I agree with you Phil, the track is a bit confused as to what it is. If I wanna break into bigger labels I have to point my stuff more, more specialized.

DD tutorial sure has a lot of hype behind it :), look forward to that.

I dont think this is really a DJ or club track, the production and sounds are great but this is something i would hear on a lounge or chillout album. Nothing wrong with that btw…