Looking for some Ruthless Feedback


I just finished a new proggy / techy track and I’m looking for some feedback on it.

Worked on it for about 10 hours today and I have absolutely no clue if its decent or **** at this point.

Still a few things that need tweaking by I would say its almost there, wanna make sure I’m going in the right direction here before I shoot it off to my label.

Also the master was kinda quick and dirty… might be a little too crunchy on the highs but I won’t do that myself anyways…

Feedback from anyone welcome. Rip it apart if need be!

People on this forum seem to repond more when tracks are uploaded to Soundcloud and the player is embeded into the post. The free soundcloud account will work fine.

I’m not sure about anyone else, but I don’t like to download from sites like speedyshare.

Yeah I generally hate soundcloud for the compression but… I concede! re uploaded with soundcloud.

This is really good man, nice percussion and cool stabs… mixed well

From start to finish I didn’t hear anything that you could change, I’m like the progressive elements along with the techy beat but there wasn’t enough proggy stuff in there for my liking (personal preference of couse:D )

don’t think you’ll have any problems getting this signed

Yeah, have to agree, this is very good -I like it. I don’t need any more progressiveness in it though :slight_smile:

If I was forced to pick something out for improvement, I felt it got a little too loud at a couple of points - once at the 1.45ish mark and once near the end. I think the builds there are powerful enough, they don’t need the extra volume (or whatever is making them louder). That said I only listened in my headphones.

Definately agree with Ant and etl, great track! Definately had me hooked throughout, never got boring IMO.

Very nice track indeed!

I’m not much of a proggy type dude, but this sounds pretty pro to me.  Like everyone else said, keeps your interest throughout.  Sounds clean.  Good job.

That sounds great to me. Good bouncing beat, arrangements and mix. Nothing wrong with that at all.

very crisp and well mixed, enjoyed :slight_smile: