Looking to get signed?

Thanks to the tutorials of Sonic Acadamy i managed to get 3 of my tracks signed!

Moving forward, Anphonic Beats is born and looking to sign up and coming artists who produce Tech house or Trance!

The releases will done by digital distribution through all the major online sites such as iTunes, Beatport, Amazon ect ect

If you have some mastered tracks that you think are up scratch for release then please get in touch and send us your demos!

our website:


We look forward to hearing from you!!


Anphonic Beats

Your website leads you back to the thread by the way.

oh - thanks fot letting me know

not sure why that is…


Just had a quick browse at your site and its looks good dude :slight_smile:

I’ll defo be in touch!

Oh and congrats on the signings!! :wink:

Arent labels supposed to do the mastering…

They can do but it would come out of your eventual Sales income.

i guess it depends on the quality of the mix the label wants to put out