Loopers ft. IYONA - Fire & Rain [Sam Taylor Remix]

Hi there,

I’m Sam, a producer from the United Kingdom. I’ve not released anything for around four years but have recently gotten back into producing with my first release being a remix for Loopers. I’d be grateful for any feedback!

Many thanks,

Hey there @SamTaylor1299

Nice arrangement & track progression, now I think you pushed this one very hard in terms of levels and use of distortion & saturation. It can of work for the musical elements in the track but has not such a nice effect on the main vocal part IMO.

More clarity on the lead vocal and adding a dub vocal with some reverb will fit better with the track, for the rest nice production work here, but it’s a Remix, so it’s always a bit more subjective when it comes to critical listening & trying to give feedback than listening to an original piece of music :wink: