hi ppl, just wonderin what can be done with all the loops ive got in my sample collection. coz they all sound cool enough but what can be done with them? how can they be manipulated? can sounds be extracted from them? havnt quite come across any tutorials that cover this yet so apologies if s.a have them sumwhere!!

cheers guys

if you really like them you can slice them up and make your own loop with the same elements or simply just use them.or just use what you like if you like everything except for the kick draw an envelope to use or own kick etc… or you can layer one awsome loop by layering different loops one perc loop hat loop and a drum loop with removed hats

it’d be too long to give you exact answer (the whole ableton concept is what cant be done with loops:) but look up things like beat girding, time stretching, slicing to midi, groove extraction…check out the tech tips videos on this site, also for general ideas as well as some creative possibilities watch this two videos



hv fun :smiley:

sorry mean warping not beat girding :slight_smile:

you can do anything with your loops.

You can extract a groove. Sample a specific sound. You can even make a whole drum rack out of a dog barking (or any other sound for that matter)!

Get creative, and you will come up with some great shiz. Think outside the box.