Lost selected patch after moving vsti in Cubase12

Hi! I’m recalling old songs in Cubase 12 from previous version of this DAW, and between both versions, I moved the location of my VSTi, BUT ONLY in the Plugin Manager. Consequently, I lost the Spectrasoncis Omnisphere patch that loads automatically when recalling a song. I did change the folders in Plugin Manager to list my plugins under comapny names instead of alphabetically. The plugin was udpated or reinstalled after a hardware change or replacement. Since there is no accompanying notes with the old song, I can’t remember the name of the patch. Thank you for your help, if there’s any to address this issue.

Some suggestions for things to check :

  • Is your Omnipshere VST plugin installation path matching the plugin manager file location ?

  • Have you re-scan your plugins ? → maybe try to close Cubase → Move the VST .dll file onto your desktop, start Cubase, scan plugins and then close Cubase again and move back the VST.dll file where it was.

  • Are you on a M1 Silicon Apple computer ? Steinberg dropped VST2 support in Cubase 12 for M1 Macs users, you’ll need to have a VST 3 version of the plugin.

Hope this helps :sunglasses:

Thanks for the info. A: It does. B. Will try that. C: VST3 on PC i5/win 10