Lots of work in progress, feedback welcome

First track “Snifferfant” really melodic track; always rearranging this one…


Second track, bit more progressive, made this for the sonar loopmasters competition.


3rd track, made this before going to a technasia gig @ Cafe D’anvers.


4th track, MiGhty Panda Warrior,sweet break and some nice drops,


5th track, another progressive one, still needs more work tho…


6th track, another version of MPW, semi live


enjoy :wink:

Updated “Snifferfant”

Checked out Snifferfant and Green Flower.

I REALLY liked Green Flower, definately some awesome stuff there, hope you do well in that competition.

With Snifferfant I just feel the bass and lead arent cohesive, as in the melody of one is clashing/not working with the other? Still some awesome stuff though!

Will check the other tracks out later for sure!

Again kudos on the Green Flower track, really caught my attention! Good luck with the competition!

some good stuff there Rob. I left comments up on soundcloud.

Hej thanks, glad to see I still got some comments.

Was kinda hanging here.

I’ll be checking out Snifferfant, can you name me a time, where you hthink the notes are out of key?

I have written the Snifferfant song without any help from scale or chord tools, so you might be right about it being of key here and there, need to fix that. It al starded when I wanted to make a certain “hugg and pepp” sound from their record “Snablen”

The Snifferfant kinda grew out of that tune search.

Anyways, back to the lab for me.

Made this yesterday btw, stil very very raw, but i got the notes al layed out, and its sounding kinda special old 90 dance trance…

Beause I need you - Rob Mitshi by Rob Mitshi

The melody is in key, its just that it seems like the bass and melody are moving somewhat against each other? Maybe its just me…

Definatley got good sounds in it though!

Gave the other tracks a try and its all great! Great work dude!