Love Lockdown (Loser Remix)

Hey All,

I’m a new subscriber to Sonic Academy.

Check out my first full length song created exclusively in Live.

The entire thing was written and produced by me except the obvious vocals, the baseline in the very beginning, and the drums right after the first verse. (They’re all stems from Love Lockdown)

Not my first time making music but first track in Live which I bought about 2 days ago.

Also, Check out 1 Knight Stand | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos for some mixtapes performed live with Ableton.


Bad at this…

URL is:

Not bad mate, music is well timed with the vocals, however there is some seriously heavy distortion on the bass and vocal.

I think that could be our player!! noticed that distortion on a few tracks…

ill look into it.