Mac OS MOJAVE Upgrade - Be patient & hold on for now

Hey everybody,

Monday 24th of September Apple released Mac OS 10.14 aka MOJAVE.

Before jumping into this new version and being tempted to enjoy the new dark mode on your Macs, be aware that it could cause issue with Daws & Plugins.

Audio products manufacturers will either report having no issue with Mojave and their products or to have found some problems and being working on it ( I know that Soundtoys have already report some issues and that they are working on an update ).

When some companies will perform correct testing prior to public Mac OS release while the beta are going on, many others won’t and they will learn about issue in time via end users feedback.

So keep it on hold for now if you depend on your Mac for audio production and if you can’t refrain to jump into “Dark Mode”, just be sure to back-up your entire Mac using reliable app like Carbon Copy Cloner.

Next to that, be aware that not all the Macs are eligible for Mojave upgrade and that it will likely depends on hardware specs. You’ll find more about this here :

I’m a serial early adopter… can’t help myself. :slight_smile:

I’m on Mojave running Cubase and Wavelab and everything is 100% fine bar Soundtoys plugins looking a bit funny (The wood paneling graphic around the edges is too light for some weird reason) Rekordbox, fine… I had to update my copy of screenflowm but its working now. Other than that, no other issues aside from MacOS now annoyingly requiring you give all your apps permission to access certain aspects of the system before running them the first time.

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Thanks for updating this topic, it will help others to decide to make the move knowing what’s working or not.

Soundtoys is working on a patch :wink:

For the annoying apps permission, this has to do with SIP protection under mac OS I suppose.
One could whish to temporarily/permanently deactivate SIP service.

Basically you need to restart your Mac in Recovery Mode using the cmd ⌘+R combo-keys after hearing the start initialization audio indicator and then once restarted, go to the Utilities pull down menu and choose Terminal

  • Deactivating SIP can be done entering this command : csrutil disable {enter} & then reboot {enter}
    or just everything on the same line and enter : csrutil enable;reboot

This is permanent, you need to proceed the same way in Recovery mode again to enable SIP again using the following command in Terminal and rebooting : csrutil enable;reboot

Of course Apple is not recommending this since SIP is supposed to prevent from Malware installation, but if you’re sure about what you’re installing, you might want to do it.

More about this here : How to turn off System Integrity Protection on your Mac | iMore

Now I’m not sure if this is exactly what you mentioned, allowing certain apps to access some files on your machine is something else that should be handle in system preferences I believe.

EDIT : Actually got the point now, not a SIP issue in this case with Mojave :blush: [quote=“Protoculture, post:2, topic:34406”]
no other issues aside from MacOS now annoyingly requiring you give all your apps permission to access certain aspects of the system before running them the first time.

Apps & especially ones dealing with Audio will ask you to access the Microphone and other shared folder/services on your Mac upon installation or during first run.

For those who refused to grant access to the apps in first place & are experiencing problems , this can be modified later on via System Preferences/Security & Privacy/Privacy/Microphone ( & other relevant section depending on the App )

And another classic issue… Yes Avid Pro Tools users, it’s happening again :disappointed_relieved:

Ableton’s Live users may experience some issues too. When it was reported to work fine for many users, Ableton’s support is still asking macOS users to wait before upgrading.

The latest Soundtoys 5.30 Update addressed the GUI issue with Mojave, full compatibility has been announced :slight_smile: