MacBook Pro 13"

hey mates, i am thinking of buying my first laptop … so i can also do some beatz on the road …

i am a pc user ever since but i would really love to have a mac…

my only worry is the screensize … isnt it too small to work with ableton ?

what do u guys (especially bry and phil) use ?

a quick answer would be much appreciated !

i would run my macbook with AKG 271 MK II - i think they are great …

the build in audiocard is good enough for that ??

i would make some grooves on the road and than safe the project and open it on my pc at home where i have my yamahas and two big screens to mix and arrange .

are there any problems with mac - pc project compatibility ?

sorry for the questions … but its essential for me !



hey Robi,

I’m not sure, but I dont think that PC and Mac Ableton files are the same. I would suggest purchasing an external monitor for your Mac and just use the Mac. You will be happier…and I feel it would be a better product.

no issues between mac and pc files! the projects are cross platform

i use a mac book pro 17 inch, and its perfect for what i do. it can handle pretty much anything i throw at it.

little pricey however. but i always found virus’s and the like got in the way of my workflow when i was on pc!