macOS Catalina Compatibility

I was just curious if Sonic Academy plug-ins (such as Kick 2) are currently compatible with macOS Catalina, and if not, when they may be? I haven’t upgraded yet due to many plug-in companies having incompatible software. Thank you.

Hi there @Jonathan_Levine

Users & S.A team have been reporting that ANA 2 & KICK 2 are working fine under MacOS Catalina, the only known incompatibility is for the previous version of ANA ( release version 1.5 ) which is not working under Catalina.

That’s for S.A plugins but that said, if you’re using other 3rd party plugins, be sure to check if they are compatible before upgrading, though things are starting to move forward in the good direction, many manufacturers haven’t update their plugins yet, better checking before upgrading IMO.

Hope that helps :wink: