Madeon tutorial!


Glitch Step House…

I’d say i agree, but Sonic academy isn’t even putting out banger tutorials either! Or good ones at least… It’s kinda frustrating… honestly i would say i like both genres along with many other EDM genres. The “brostep” scene doesn’t bother me that much. I just kinda think of the producers as having less of an interest in the music, and more so in the sound design and techniques used to process the glitch… more technical stuff rather than musical. I mean i think the whole skrillex theme is just DIFFERENT but still fun to learn/listen to. Even though i dont think it incorporates much traditional musical elements, it definitely has it’s sound design, processing, and sequencing talents to master more so than some of the techno-type genres where there is more musical than technical work to put into a track.

do the glitch step house tutorial youll be surprised how far you can go with a little help from SA and your own creativity…

skrillex is on the radio even on tv. its too popular and yes its very technical to make those kind of tunes but with techno it takes a master to create tracks that are designed to be in a certain part of a set. Techno has soul. Also with brostep/dubstep/drumstep everyone is competing for the biggest drop. I hate it. I don’t like competing like that its silly. also Dubstep incorporates a ton of musical elements drawing a lot of comparisons with hip hop and pop. i recommend looking at complextro tutorials like Ryan Enzed ones which give a lot of detail.

Techno is my favorite to listen to, but complextro is really fun to produce.

Listening to the enzed vids is a good tip. Also as mentioned b4, the glitch step house tuts will get u moving in the right direction towards the madeon style.

Step 1: Watch Glitch-Step tutorial

Step 2: become madeon

Step 3: ???

Step 4: Tour the world

[quote]Walshyyy (12/10/2011)[hr]skrillex is on the radio even on tv. its too popular


Oh yeh, I forgot, popular is bad.

Underground snobs are the worst. Fak off.

popular filters out true creativity.

So…a Madeon Tut would be proper:P

You guys need to step up your Music Theory to get on a guy like Madeon’s level.

Madeon has been making music for 5+ years… even though he’s only 17.

Watching 1 tutorial is not going to teach you 5+ years of music theory & production.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m sure that a tutorial would be cool… but in reality… To make music on his level, you need to have a great understanding of pop music. All his music is, is pop chords + melody, with a complextro arrangement. It’s not rocket science.

Doing the glitch step house, popstep and fidget tutorials will teach you the process…

It’s still going to be up to you to get creative and come up with awesome melodies & sounds.

If anything, it would be a tutorial on how to make pop music.

Yeah Pop chords arent really hard to learn or understand at all…simple google search will tell you everything you need. :smiley: try putting one of madeons tracks or who ever elses on ableton and make midi tracks and add a midi track for every sequenced sound and label them according to bass, one shots,synth shots, lfo bass etc do this for 8/16 bars or 32 and this will help you construct your own sequences…

Learn how to use your filter and combine filters to add movements to sounds…

Get some samples from old disco tracks

Watch some of the lessons people have suggested…and youre set

**** Yeah Madeon is brilliant!!! Going to see him in one week live!!! Hep Hey :smiley: