Main room house melodys

hey so just wondering if anyone can point me to anywhere I can find chords you can use in a minor scale, I have a melody I like only its only single notes and realize you have to make it chords so trying to go about doing that whilst still keeping it sounding good

If you already have a melody then the next step is to create a complimentry bassline.

When you get that nailed that is the basis of your chords.

You can then try for a middle line. Although its not always nessesary.

Hey phil,

Generally speaking, are those anthem house songs with the huge leads a 2 note chord? Cause they seem to have more than just your standard 8 notes from a scale. Whenver I make a lead with jsut a single note it always sound cheesy and dry

yeah they are generally 3 note chords…

normally melody (top line) Bass (bottom-line) Harmony (mid line)

you can start with either the bass or top then work a harmony around that.

you can go 4 note chords but that can get more complicated.

O okay thanks!

Would they normally use the same synth for the mid and top to create a bigger sound?

thanks phil,

so to really get that big sound I should be aiming to create 3 chord top mid and bass? Is there anywhere you know of that is a good guide to learn different chords you can use, I have watched the part on chords in the main room house video

Watch the usic theory tutorial with Jamie on “Chords”. I forget the exact title, but you should be able to find it