MAIN ROOM PROGRESSIVE HOUSE with uplifting breakdown

BOXER & FORBES - Flamingo SAMPLE CLIP by BOXER (dj & producer)

would be grateful for any feedback

Thanks for checkin it out :slight_smile:

sounds pretty good, not really the kinda stuff im into anymore but i’m sure you could rock certain dance floors with this vibe :slight_smile:

really nice idea, the kick sounds a bit lost in the mix tho and the bottom end a little. good track but im gonna be honest with you so you create a better one.

cheers guys.

Yeah i know what you mean. Its got to have a final mixdown and some mastering tweeks yet, however its sounding pretty nice through my system as it is.

Sounds dope to me. Really strong and uplifting track. Nice layering of sounds.

Understand the comments about removing some of the low from the bass in order to give the kick some more room.

cheers for the feedback we take all opinions on board. i know what your saying about the kick it is a bit lost with the sub bass but nuthering a bit of tweeking wont sort out :slight_smile:

Hi guys. Just to let you know. We have had a fiddle around with the track and tweaked a few things here and there. I have replaced the audio file on soundcloud, so see what you think…

The kick is coming through quite nicely in our studio.

However it will be sent off for mastering before its distributed :slight_smile:

this has now been signed to nightingale records and will be remixed by danny nightingale :smiley:

Really strong track mate, wish you all the best with this. :slight_smile:

nice melodic elements, main room meets progressive… I like it mate


thanks verry much.

if your interested… heres the trackit down link :slight_smile:

Flamingo from Nightingale Recordings on Beatport

out this weekend on nightingale recordings.

thanks for the support :slight_smile:


Track sounds very nice.

I’d love to hear it with some female vox behind it.
I think that would take it over the edge.