Make a track from a sample cd competition

there are literally thousands of sample cd’s around these days that claim they have everything you need to write a “club banger” “dance floor smasher” or anything else they want to to read to temp you away from your cash lol.

my idea is that we all try and write a track using just “one” chosen sample cd to write a full track with out the help of synths of 3rd party sounds.

anyone up for this could be fun

sounds good to me…

even the bass line etc?

and can we use effects?

Count me in, could be fun.

i think if we get enough people interested we can decided the rules. its only for fun and we could probably get some genuine user reviews out of these cds

count me in!!!:smiley:

what do you think the rules should be? i was thinking

  1. all samples from only one cd (own choice of cd/download)
  2. Track Must be at least 2 mins long and consist of intro, mini breakdown and main body
  3. no extra synths or samples can be used
  4. tracks and project files should be uploaded to prove the work
  5. any effects compression and eq can be used
  6. all elements of the track are to be created from the samples including (effects, lead, bass, drums, pads/strings and vocals)
  7. for obvious reason you must own the sample pack (not a torrent download)
  8. track creator should give a small review on how easy they found working with the samples and what sample set they used