Make songs bigger?

How do I make my drops sound bigger and larger and giving it a more powerful feeling that’s gonna make people move?

Here’s one I’m working on now to give an example

There are a few things to give the drop a bigger impact.

  • roll off the low end more and more until the drop.
  • place 1 to 4 beats of emptiness prior to the drop
  • think you have a limiter & compressor on the master that is increasing the volume in the break. Turn it lower or off during the break.
  • make the kick more prominent in the mix. Your lead is too loud in my opinion, and the bass could be turned down a bit as well with respect to the kick.

    Hope this hints help :wink:

You can also when you have your mixdown complete is cut your breakdown sections and just lower the volume on them a tad. Dont do it too much though as it will sound weird, theres a fine balance and less is more.

Another way is by automating your utility volume slowly down by around 2db during the course of the breakdown then bring it back up to 0db before it drops.