Make your own Ableton Themes

Hi everyone!

Been a little while since I posted on here but you might be seeing a bit more of me :wink:

I wanted let you all know about a project I’ve been working on recently which has resulted in me launching a brand new site. It came about when I wanted to change the theme/skin in Ableton to make it look a bit nicer to work in - that grey gets quite dull after a while! There are a few theme choices within Ableton but I Googled and there’s a few others available for download on the web.

I wondered why there were so few themes and then read about what you have to do to make them - it’s a whole load of code and can take hours to craft a nice looking theme, something I didn’t want to spend so much time doing! I thought there must be a better way so I started about making an editor for Ableton themes, one that was simple and quick to use and the result is a website - Ableton Themes.

On the site you can create your own theme in minutes, pointing and clicking on the elements of Ableton you want to change and quickly changing the colour. It’s a community website so when you join and start customising themes they are there for others to download and now we have over 200 themes, some created by myself but many by the growing community on there.

If you’re fed up of looking at the same Ableton colour scheme jump on the site and take a look, all completely free to use! Would love to hear what you all think :slight_smile:

Here are a few examples:

Hey @DirtySecretz

Cool stuff, had a look through the site & presentation video and this is really handy and the most advanced & practical solution for Ableton Live’s themes indeed, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Would probably post & link this to the S.A Face Book Discussion Group too, might be handy for a load of users out there.
You can find the group here BTW Sonic Academy - Music Production Discussion | Facebook

Cheers !