Make your own step sequencer in Ableton

Hey guys,

Was surfing the web and found this on a site I go to every once and a while. Check out the step sequencer video.

Thats cool Man… Really love step sequencers.

That looks like a good little set up that he’s got going there. He made some really cool sounds from it. V.Interesting.

Now… Pity I sold my Ableton & just have Live Lite now! :crying:

Or alternatively, try this link below:


Scroll to the bottom link which reads ‘Hybrid Sequencer’, and you can download a fully made one for free. There are support videos that show you how to use it, and seems to work on the same principles as the one shown in the Covert Operators tutorial.

I have to say, though, that both these workarounds seem to be little more than that - a workaround for a feature that is sorely missing in Live. Neither method strikes me as particularly intuitive or user friendly. I understand that Ableton are collaborating with Cycling '74 on ‘Max For Live’, a project that sees the development (amongst other things) of a dedicated step sequencer, and from the screenshots on the Ableton website seems to be a little more accessible. But why has it taken so long??

Thanks 4 the tips, dudes

His voice annoyed me

[quote]roben (8/15/2009)[hr]His voice annoyed me[/quote]

haha, if you don’t like his voice roben don’t ever buy any of the mac pro video or ask video you’ll want to punch your screen :slight_smile:

tom cosm has got a 30 min video on building a step sequencer in ableton on his site i think its been mentioned before but his site has loads of free tutorials and stuff on deffinatly worth a look