Making a Mix that Sounds Good on Anything

I am making wide varieties of music and really like the way that the songs turn out in my DAW (Live 8). However, when I put the song to an ipod and listen in the car or on headphones, the sound is not only a little bit different but almost completely different than what I mixed. I use studio monitors and mix in a large room and have tried to compensate for the EQ difference on the monitors themselves but I cant get the final mix to sound good on other platforms. I am sort of a newcomer to producing, but I have watched alot of Phil’s tutorials on mixing and what not for Live 8. I am thinking that the problem has to be the EQ or the monitoring but I can’t see how. Please help lol


you might need to learn how mix . there is many videos in the SA that helps you to understand space , eq and the rest of the enchilada. heheh

My first question would be what type of monitors you have? In my experience they can sound anything like flat and honest to hi fi speakers yet they’ll still be called monitors.

They are Samson “Resolv A6.” The most confusing part though is that the mix sounds good on the monitors inside ableton but the mix sounds bad on the monitors when the song is in iTunes, which makes no sense to me haha

have you tried importing a commercial track into Ableton, listening to it through your monitors, then playing the same track through iTunes to see if it’s an Ableton/iTunes thing?

Yeah I have a bunch of commercial tracks in one of my Live sets for a DJ template since I’m practicing that as well and the songs sound almost identical minus the custom EQ setting on my iTunes but nothing dramatic enough to really notice. The main issue regarding the quality of the tracks is that the track sounds much wider when in Ableton and as soon as I burn it to WAV it loses almost all its stereo width and quality of size

Sounds like you need to check your rendering settings or something as that seems to be the point when everything goes tits up!

EDIT* missed the part about it sounding bad on your monitors after cutting a track and playing it back in itunes, nvrm