Making and eqing a white noise

Hi, I’m having trouble making a decent white noise and eqing it and making it fit in the mix, it sounds terrible. Basically im rolling off everything below 500k and peaking at about 1k eq wise, but still I cant anything that site right.

Any suggestions?

I usually just grab an auto filter with a high pass and a bit of resonance and keep sweeping it up until it sits right around hats and stuff. Of course that’s if I’m using it as percussion and not a sweep up. :slight_smile:

I will put a delay then a reverb on my white noise and a side chain compressor so it pumps with the kick.

I will cut everything below about 500Hz, but also just before it finishes I will quickly sweep up the low cut filter, it gives it some extra energy right at the end.


I might also give the volume a little boost right at the end for the same reason.

I do what everyone else does but sometimes use an exciter as well

But too many tracks have white noise these days - its the easy option :wink:

Too many tracks use white noise? You’ll be saying too many tracks use kick drums next :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah kick frums are soooo june 2011

its july 2011 for gods sake

get with the new era losers!

Check out Jon Fisher’s white noise tutorial :slight_smile:

[url]- YouTube