Making EXACT tempo changes in Ableton

Hi there,

So I want to make tempo change within a song in the arrangement view. I go into the master track and drag the envelope up and down … but the thing is very hard to pin down to an Exact value that I want … instead of 140bpm, i seem to always get it to 140.54 or so and the next micro change makes it 139.84 or some such thing.

this is a stupid question, but do even these small variations, over time, matter? they must, right?

And secondly, is there someway I can make exact changes to the envelope as I desire? some way where I can just make a point/node, and write in the value i want it to be at or something like that?thanks everyone.

no good for a DJ doing that…

If you hold down CTRL whilst you move anything in Live it will do it more accurately.

BUT, why do you want to do this? If you are making any kind of dance music you should not change the tempo. There are a few tracks that do (French Kiss) and they are a really pain, everyone I know will mix out before the change.

Im sure ive heard dance records where they slow the tempo right down in the breakdown…

This is one good example. Was hard to mix this one as well. You had less time for beatmatching.

But on topic, I wouldn’t change the tempo either. Stick to one bpm. Especially if you want your tunes to be played out loud.