Making these tech house sound


please help me to sound like this.

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

Stream Stereo Express - Gypsy Ride (Original Mix) by Atmosphere Records | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

Which sounds are there included?

I don’t know how to start. I have make a kick, snare, hh but then?

I habe some Samples Cd but I can’t find sounds like these ones

Kind regards

In the first there is a bassline, vocal stabs and some sort of synth.

But generally you should be able to discover what sounds there are in a particular track. Especially when you want to step up in this game.

Listen closely, write down what you hear, and repeat this excersize

ok thx yes I hear this stuff but I have many Samples and can’t find any sounds like these or when I start some VST plugins.

When I took a synth is always sounds like trance and not that kind of tech house sounds like these examples

Then don’t pick the trance leads or pads.

Browse your presets. Keep it tiny. Not much reverb.

Orientalfahrt has some trumpet stab. You could pick a sample for that or find a suitable vst patch for it.

The other organ sounds shouldn’t be too hard to find either.

ok maybe you have some tips for vst patches or some sample libraries

I listened to the first one and it sounds like the producer samples a latin track (vox). Not sure about the stabs… could also be a sample or techy stab synth line. If you want to be original, try sampling some obscure records (or not so obscure). I think this is what sets okay producers from great ones!