Making Youtube Videos

I’ve just signed up for an account with Youtube because i think will be another good base for me to get my music out on.

My latest mix, In Bombs We Trust i want to make a music video… you know images in the background whilst the music is playing however, i have looked online and also looked at iMovie and can see that the video has to be less than ten minutes long… How can that be when there are lots of things on Youtube way over this limit?

If someone has done this or can help me would be appreciated! :slight_smile:

Cheers Guys

a basic account is 10mins a director or partner account is 30mis

or more sometimes

Hmm do you have to pay to upgrade? I have seen some videos on there well over an hour…

You could always split the videos as i do on my yt channel

[quote]slender (02/07/2010)[hr]You could always split the videos as i do on my yt channel[/quote]

When there split, can you link them together to make one long track? Im pretty new to uploading videos and stuff to Youtube so any help would be appreciated slender thanks.

Could you give me a bit more details?

err I will try :slight_smile:

You would very unlikely qualify for the partniship programme as you do not have a large subscription etc etc … YouTube Partner Program overview & eligibility - Computer - YouTube Help

As for splitting if you put in the title part 1 of 3, 2 of 3 etc etc then they should pop up on the left habd side

A good idea is to get people to subscribe - maybe offer a direct download to one of your tracks - people love freebies

Have you checked as the video can be as long as you like but you are restricted to 500mb per week

Hope that helps a little

Well, at the moment with me being new to production, i cant offer free downloads… I have a few bootlegs which i have done which are under 10 minutes so i might actually just make a video with them to get people interested :slight_smile:

Siiiiiiiick! Got the video working on Youtube now…

Took bloody ages to upload it for some strange reason! Think its because its peak time on the t’internet!

BUT, glad to know i know how its all working now! Thanks for your help guys! :w00t:

Cool and you have your first subscriber :slight_smile:

[quote]slender (02/07/2010)[hr]Cool and you have your first subscriber :)[/quote]

Hah! Brilliant, cheers dude! :slight_smile: