Maksim Dark basslines

Does anyone have any tips on how to get close to the bassline sounds that Maksim Dark uses in his tracks? It’s a pretty specific sound and you can usually tell it’s one of his productions just from that bass growl.

Some examples

Hey there @jonsloan

If you have ANA 2 there’s a Bass Preset in the Factory Library called BananaMan which is using the 3d Waveform BuzzBanana and I think it should already put you in the ballpark. Adding an internal ANA 2 “ping-pong” delay or an external delay & tweak the settings might help to get closer to this sound IMO.

I think Maksim Dark he’s a big fan of Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere & Trillian when it comes to bass, so not sure if he started from a preset using those or if he used another soft-synth plugin, and he’s using a few as you can see ( pic from his FB ).

Cool, thanks for helping. Sorry for the delayed reply!

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This bass preset is prefect thank you!!
I’ve added a few items - delay and saturation mostly and it’s exactly what I want.

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Glad to read that this was helpful and thanks for the feedback :wink:

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