Manually override ANA2 automation in Ableton Live

I use Ableton Live. Is there a way to override ANA2 automation by simply adjusting/touching the control that has been automated? I perform 100% live. I want to be able to override automation without going in and editing the envelope with a mouse. Ableton Live has this important feature

In Ableton Live if you automate a filter for example, then manually adjust that filter during playback, your adjustment overrides the automation and automation ceases. If you want to revert back to the automation you hit a special button at the top of Ableton screen called Re-Enable automation. This is incredibly useful in a live performance.

However, I can’t get ANA2’s automation to stop by adjusting the automated control. It ignores the manual override.

If I use my midi keyboard’s macros to control ANA2’s macros and input automation using the keyboard’s macros, I get two recorded envelopes – one representing my midi keyboard’s macros and another representing ANA2’s macros. I can override the keyboard’s macros by touching/adjusting the knob, but I can’t get ANA2’s to stop – unless I go in with a mouse and disable the envelope manually, which is impractical when playing live.

Alternatively – is there a way to just disable automation for ANA2?

For example in Ableton Live there is a button called Automation Arm. If you disarm the Automation Arm, no automation is recorded. Does ANA2 have a similar feature? That way I could disable ANA2 automation and just rely only on Ableton Live’s automation that can be easily disabled/reenabled in a Live performance – where clips are being recorded live in the moment.

Thank you!

What your Operating System and Live version and what ANA 2 version are you using ? ( Plugin version number + are you using the AU, VST2 or VST3 instance of the plugin )

Using Live 11.1 on MacOS here and latest ANA 2 v2.0.993 ( Intel, not M1 ) here and I’m able to overwrite automation envelopes in Live when “Automation Arm” is enabled. When disabled, new automation envelopes are not written and I’m able to revert to the previous envelope as expected.

Have you mapped automated parameters inside ANA 2 Live device and assign the mapping to a controller ?

If you click on the “Arrow” icon on the left hand side inside ANA 2 Live’s Device, and then click again on “Configure” ( it will turn “green” to let you know it’s active, then move a knob, slider or parameter on ANA 2 GUI and it will be mapped to Live’s Device. Click once more on “Configure” to deactivate dynamic mapping when done.

Once this is done and if your mapping is assigned to a controller, you should have the expected behavior.

Not sure if that’s the scenario you’re trying to achieve on your end, but this method is working fine for me.

No, ANA 2 doesn’t have such feature, there’s a Mod Matrix and assignable Macros to help you to set and control the synth modulations, but that’s internal modulation within the plugin, so if you set Macros, they still need to be mapped inside Live Device afterwards.