Mariano Favre 'Mendoza (w/Lank & Tom Glass mixes)' Nick Warren, Guy J, Hybrid support

Mariano Favre is a young producer from Argentina whose previous work has been signed to respected labels such as Outside The Box, Lowbit, and Frisky Records. His latest track is named after and dedicated to his country’s fourth largest city.

While we’ve heard an increasing amount of great material from Argentina in recent years, Mendoza has been one of our absolute favorite signings since opening doors two years ago. We were immediately struck by its unforgettable melody and palpable emotion.

For the remixes, we enlisted the help of well-known producer Lank (Hungary), and Tom Glass (Poland), who’s been turning heads with his outstanding work on Hope Recordings. The shuffled percussion in Lank’s mix gives a nice energetic boost into peak-time territory, while Tom balances the package out with a more meditative and deep interpretation of Mariano’s track.

Mariano Favre - Mendoza - [Perspectives Digital]

  1. Mendoza (Original Mix)
  2. Mendoza (Lank Remix)
  3. Mendoza (Tom Glass Remix)

    Listen & Download Here

    Ad Brown – 8/10, both mixes are niiiice!!!

    Andre SobotaLove the groove in Lank’s remix

    Armin van Buuren – 8/10, Fav Mix: Lank Remix[/i]

    Barry JamiesonLank mix is cool

    Cid Inc – 9/10, Lank’s remix is damn good!

    Darin Epsilon – (Original Mix playlisted in Perspectives Episode 063)

    Dash Berlin – 7/10, Nice

    DeepfunkTom Glass remix for me

    Denis A – 8/10, Good stuff. Will try

    Flash BrothersQuality stuff, like original + Tom Glass Remix!

    Guy J – 8/10, Lank remix is ace. thnx good luck

    Guy Mantzur – 9/10, Great pack

    Hernan Cattaneovery good!

    Hybrid – 10/10, WOW …An exceptional piece of electronic music… Total quality. Love this and will be hammering radio and clubs More please

    Kasey Taylor – 8/10, Lank mix for me, thanks…

    Kassey Voorn – 8/10, Good remixes, thanks

    Logiztik Sounds – 10/10, Lank remix is top, thanks!!

    Marcelo Vasami – 8/10, very good stuff here. orig. and both remixes works for me. thanks.

    (Lank Remix charted in June 2012 Top 10)

    Martin Garcia – 8/10, Lank for me. Thanks

    Nick Muir – 8/10, original has a nice feel to it

    Nick Warren – 9/10, Great release, I will play it in Mendoza next week :slight_smile:

    Ruben De Ronde – (Original Mix playlisted in The Sound Of Holland 119)

    Sandra Collins – 8/10, very nice … will support thanks !

    Sonic Union – 9/10, Fantastic release! All versions have that something xtra! Great stuff!

    (Lank Remix playlisted in Lowbit May 2012)

    Additional support from (alphabetical)… Alec Araujo, Alessandro Diga, Alex & Filip, Andy King, Andy Newland, Arthur Deep, Ben Coda, dPen, D-Phrag, Fady Ferraye, Fernando Ferreyra, Gai Barone, Gavyn Mitchell, Gerardo Boscarino, Issac, Jacob Henry, Josh Abrams, Luis Bondio, Luke Porter, Mat Caspi, Mehmet Akar, Mike Griego, Mitch Alexander, Norman H, Paul Hazendonk, Pena, Praveen Achary, Sasha Le Monnier, Sezer Uysal, Silinder, Sound Process, Steve Haines, Summer (Brendon Collins), T-Lectual, Tash, Tini Tun, Yamil Colucci, Zack Roth, and many many more!!