Mark Knight Bass/Subbass Question

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[h1]Hi phil i have a question please
1.     Thanks again for the awesome mark knight tutorial !
2.     What I want to ask is the bass u created is a real wide stereobass – normaly most oft the basses should be in mono – (especially when cut on vinyl)
3.     Do u layer a normal sine bass underneath and cut the stereobass @ say 180 hz ?
Or do u don`t care because u have on your master the stereowidener with the mono (200 hz) capability ?
Would be nice to hear that from a pro :cool:
I normally layer my basses and group the mono sub to the drumgroup …
Also do u have the masterchain active when u start to make a tune or do u try to get everything sounding well balanced and afterwards u put the chain ON ?
It’s a bit confusing for me because the Swedish house mafia guys (I know that from laidback luke himself who uses the same technique) have a pretty secret masterchain and they start to produce with that chain ON from the very beginning of a track…
Would be nice to hear a statement from u phil !
Love this forum and all the videos here – really great tips and tricks all the way[/h1]



the bass has the lower OSC centered and only the top 2 spread left and right

I would use the stereo width control while mastering anyway.

I tend to work with mastering off… I like to get things sounding amazing then more amazing with mastering.

hey phil thank u for ur quick reply !

ok its enough if one osc is in the middle - allright !

i often try to double track a sound (hard pan L&R) and cut out all frequencies from 200 hz down … i also try to give it a bit of width with the trackdelay feature (about 5 ms)

do i have to care about phasing problems or is it ok if it sounds good and full ?

cheers !

always check what it sounds like in mono… use Lives utility plugin and set width to zero… now adays it matters less about stereo width on bass etc as very few tunes get pressed…

if sounds good and works in mono you should be fine

ok cool my new tune sounds good at mono but one sound disappears… its a shakerline which i have from the latest computermusic disc …

atjazz produced it and he panned one line completley left and one right… now it disappears in mono …

i have also a basslayer which i cutted at 200 hz and pannend them opposite. i grouped it to compress both and this sound appears in my mono mix… and sounds ok

whats the reason for that and what can i do to make the shakerline also work in mono ?

do u recommend that technique or could i achieve the same effekt with just one track paned to the middle but with an stereowidener on it ?

cheers and thank u for ur advices - really appreciating them