Mark Knight Comp

Hi I hope someone can help:

I want to enter this comp so I have DL the midi parts from toolroom and the audio from Beatport. The Midi work fine but when I try and Load the audio to Ableton it crashes and will not play them. If I re record them using a different programme such as VDJ, then input them into Ableton they work fine. Not really in the mood to re record all the sample’s any suggestions why this is happening?

They should work first time and I have never come across a problem like this. They work fine when playing through Windows Media Player.

Please help

everything seems fine to me mate

Yes i am a newbie and ain’t the foggiest about music production hence the following question(i want to do the remix for a bit of a learning experience).:D:D:D:D:D:D Jon you know the parts how do i seperate each kick,clap ect? Do i throw them into the simpler then put the start and end points on each sample or control e and seperate the parts on the arrange page.

you can do do both ways. I cutt them them in the arrangement view then saved them as separate samples. I Then input them using Impulse. Both ways mentioned will work.

Cheers will give it a whirl later:)