Mark Knight Drums Video not working

Hi fella’s,

The drums video on the Mark Knight tut’s won’t work for me. All the others are OK except that one.

I am using a mac and have quicktime pro installed, so no idea why it won’t work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Anyone else having probs?

I think what the issue may be is that on the drum video there is a black screen for around 10 seconds or so whilst Phil explains that he is using a crap mic.

Keep watching as after that bit you’ll then start to see the video.

I looked at that particular video when it was posted, so I knew about the gap at the beginning. It worked then but not now… strange!

I have solved the problem but just in case anyone has the same thing here is what I did.

I am using Safari 4 on a mac.

I switched off block pop up windows. I deleted my internet cache and restarted my mac and it worked fine after that. I reinstated block pop up windows and all is good and rosy with the world. :cool: