Maschine on Iphone Father***kaz!

Striped pyjamas not included.

That sorta makes me not want to buy one

What? A set of Pyjamas? :slight_smile:

its dope i sit on the tube making beats. I do get some strange loops in my pjs thou :wink:

nah but seriously its well worth having

Are you back in the UK then Michael? Last I heard / read - you were in LA was it?

Maybe I got it wrong :slight_smile:

Or are you talking about some kind of kinky tube? LOL

yeah in london now moved … i think a year on friday. (I THINK)

good to be back like. Party scene is great

Well… best of luck man!

Be good… or they might renounce your visa & send ya back to Haggisland :wink: :smiley:

thanks lol