Mastering A/B Test: which one sounds better (Synthwave)

OK, this track is ready. Now it’s just a matter of choosing a Master. Two different people Mastered this track. I’m comparing their work, in order to decide which one will work with me from now on.

In the video you’ll see two tracks, A and B. I just switched from one to the other at random, you can see on screen which one is sounding at any moment.

What do you think?

For me it’s the left version, because more bass/body.

I just managed to fix my Hackintosh last night after that CPU failure, so I’m able to listen on my usual headphones again with an average Sonarworks headphone profile preset, but since I also have changed monitors placement, I’m not yet able to use the monitors without making new measurements with Sonarworks.

But long story short : I’m quite used to those headphones and for me I would say version B ( so on the right side ) sounds better. Why ? : I find more clarity in version B, version A sounds more cluttered and a bit muddy in the low end where version B is definitely more “clear” and the mids are nice too which IMO is the point in this track & genre, you probably don’t need too much low end in this song anyway.

It can be very suggestive as well based on listeners preferences & listening environments, but simply trying to focus on which one sounds better, I’ll definitely go for B in my case.

Maybe ask in the Facebook group as well ( with a link to this forum topic to ensure it won’t be flagged as self-promotion ), it’s always handy to get different opinions I believe.