Mastering and Mixing question

Ive mastered this track! and if you listen carefully its almost getting distored in the BASS area ( kick and bass ). thats because ive limited it SO hard to gain volume as much as i can.

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

And even though im at 0, all the other tracks on spotify are like 4dB louder than mine.


I have compared my track to Deadmau5 Ghost n stuff.

how can his spotify track be so damn LOUD?

and his kick drum is like THIIIS CLOSE in the mix, and so loud, and he doesn’t get distortion like me? what am I doing wrong please help! :slight_smile:

and thanks in advance <3

** edit **

Oh and dont worry about the last dubstep seconds, i know its getting distorted as HELL. im gonna fix that as soon as i know what to do with my kick. and getting the same volume as deadmau5 =)=)

It dosnt sound distorted at all to me… maybe its your speakers?

your kick is also a bit loud compared to the rest of your track and has a lot of low mid energy… making it sort of “boxy” sounding.

Try cutting a little between 400-800 hz on the kick. This tends to get rid of sum unwanted frequenices and really gives the a cleaner thump i think

A popular cut to remove the ‘boxyness’ of a kick is around 300 hz. I usually cut anywhere from 4 - 12 db @ 2.5 - 3.5Q. In fact I’ve rarely found a kick sample that cutting that area didn’t improve the kick (you have to turn it up of course to compensate).

That cut is usually followed up by a boost @ 60hz for me at 1Q (anywhere from 3 db to 10 in some extreme cases if the kick is particularly flimsy).